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Sharon Pearl, MA

Spiritual Director
(856) 779-0036

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"Sharon Pearl is a Spiritual Director who guides  those who choose to open to the Divine in their lives. I met her at the MKP USA Gathering of Elders when she led a workshop on spirituality.  Sharon invited us to explore our own spiritual path in small groups. From this experience, I  realized that Holy listening is about opening my heart as well as my ears to the infinite messages that come from all Sources."

Rev. Edie Weinstein, MSW, LSW

"At the USA Gathering of Elders, sponsored by the Mankind Project and Woman Within International,  Sharon Pearl’s workshop, Opening To The Abundant Flow Of Spirit, was an engaging, participatory and moving experience.  Sharon is very gentle and good-humored in her approach, creating a sense of safety, as we explored what is sacred in our lives.   Her questions made it easy to focus on the journey we had 

Spiritual Direction

each taken from our youth into the present, and to understand and define our current beliefs.  She created a warm, inviting, shared experience for all of us. "

Phyllis Redman
Director, Delaware Valley Region of East Coast Sage Circle, Division of Woman Within  International

"Sharon Pearl has the gift of leading others to experience opening to the abundant flow of spirit.  Sharon  combines her formal training as a Spiritual Director with her lifetime of experiences in faith and discovery, to offer workshops which help each individual recognize their personal journey and celebrate. Sharon is truly a pearl of wisdom and joy!"

Margaret Townsend
Intercultural Trainer
Raleigh, North Carolina

“Coming from a secular Jewish background but feeling a need to discover a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspects of being human, I have investigated non-Jewish pathways. Sharon has helped me connect my spiritual journey to my heritage.”

Marilyn F. 

“As a participant in a spiritual direction group facilitated by Sharon Pearl, I was reminded and inspired to be open to God in the ordinary activities of my daily life. Her inspirational and knowledgeable leadership brought me to a greater understanding of myself.”

Tirtzah B.

“As an observant Jew, I participated in Group Spiritual Direction at a point in my life when I felt low and distant from God.  It was helpful to learn that regardless of observance, we  all  share a spiritual life path, and it's okay to have someone help us find  our way back when we feel we've lost the way.”