What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is the process of opening up to God. In Spiritual Direction you have the opportunity to transform your ordinary, everyday self into your highest, God filled self. 

“God was in this place and I, I did not know.” Genesis 28:16

What will Spiritual Direction do for me?

Spiritual Direction  invites you to better understand your personal spirituality  so that  you can explore spiritual practices or deepen your religious roots to support your spiritual growth.  Spiritual Direction opens the doors of connection with your soul. 

Each individual’s journey with God is unique and I’m privileged to support you along this path. One of the greatest gifts I can offer you is to listen with an open heart while you explore what it means to open yourself  to Spirit. 

My spiritual work is rooted in my own journey of exploring my relationship with Creator. From 12 Step work, to meditation and healing, to praying and studying in a traditional Jewish community,  to creating sacred space as a lay leader in a Jewish renewal community, I’ve learned to listen and be open to Creator’s guidance for both myself and others. 

I specialize in Jewish Spiritual Direction. 

Jews who are spiritually hungry are encouraged to find their own spiritual center using the wisdom found in our sacred texts. Together, we are also free to explore God language and concepts of God.  If you desire, we can mine the depths of our heritage in ways that will add meaning to Jewish practices and observance.

Explore the sacred in your life and deepen your understanding of God.

Share your spiritual journey with me.
I will listen with you for the inner voice of God’s guidance.Sharon Pearl, MA
Spiritual Director
(856) 429-1505

Hear about the growing practice of Spiritual Direction. Interview Hosted by Rabbi Address on Boomer Generation Radio:

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Explore the sacred in your life and deepen your understanding of God

Share your spiritual journey with me!

Sharon Pearl, MA
Spiritual Director

(856) 779-0036

Deepen your spiritual journey